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      100% Real Roses
      That Last

      WHY WE DO IT.

      Roses symbolise love, affection and create timeless memories for those who bear them. Unfortunately, memories fade as the beauty of traditional roses don’t last long. Whether it is a gift from a loved one, a special occasion or a piece of home decor, we believe that the memories of receiving a rose should stand the test of time.


      HOW WE DO IT.

      Our roses are ethically sourced Ecuadorian roses that are harvested at peak bloom and meticulously preserved to last many years. Once preserved, we create lasting memories for those you love and cherish by curating timeless Parisian inspired floral arrangements. The Eternal Bouquet is a creative Australian boutique provider of Parisian inspired floral arrangements based in Sydney.
      Whether you are shopping for a special occasion, home decor, keepsake or simply looking for a gift, The Eternal Bouquet has you covered.